Morning routine with a baby



Mornings oh mornings where to start, first when people kept saying to me ‘enjoy your sleep’, ‘once baby will be here you will never sleep again’, ‘make sure you rest, you will never have time to shower or do anything every again’

Well great start how about people congratulate you with a card that say ‘poor you now you have a baby your life is over congrats’ I hate these comments sorry people if you were one of them but seriously every parent is different every baby is different.

Life surely changes but for the better and you have to adapt as much as your child has to adapt to your life don’t let them rule your world, you are still in charge. We did not read a single book on parenting and did not take onboard any comments from people and this is how Liam’s life is like:

He woke up once a night every night (almost) during the first 5/6 weeks I’d say, feed and boom back to sleep and work up between 5 and 6. It’s not easy adjusting your sleep hours but it’s totally doable.

Liam is now 3 months and has been sleeping through the night since he was 6 weeks, he goes down between 8.30 and 10 depending on our evening schedule and wakes up between 6.30 and 8.30 am. I would say that is pretty amazing for a small baby.

Some nights are easier than others and sometimes we have to rock him to sleep for 15 min, the mornings are the best he fake coughs for about 15 min to tell me he is awake and then starts to talk (well you know what I mean) he never cries for me to wake up and I could easily leave him doing that for 1h. I then get up usually 7.30 these days he then gives me the biggest smile ever and my heart just melts every morning we smile at each other for about 10 min I then change him and we have our milk while cuddling under the duvet. We then watch a bit of tv, yes I know he is only 3 months but he loves to watch tv. I get him dressed and wash him and we play for a little while either on his bouncer while I have breakfast. Then it’s time for feed number 2 and after that he goes down for 2 to 3 hours nap in his bed in the dark so he knows to sleep for a long time, I then either do the cleaning either some work (emails etc) at the beginning I was taking this time to squeeze in a nap too but not so much to be honest.

I then wake up up either just before or after my lunch depending on days and we either spend the afternoon on a walk, playing or anything that we think is fun doing :)

We have a rather calm baby that will cry for food, changing and if he is in pain we are very lucky and are honestly grateful.

So here is our morning routine and as I said this is most days we will have a really bad day a week where schedule is out of the window and we just cry all day lol

We have never sleep trained him, never sticked to a routine unless he wants to, he eats when he wants which is every 3/4 hours so 5/6 bottles a day and again we have done nothing specific and the calmer you are about it the calmer your baby will be that’s my mantra


xo S.