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Wishlist Wednesday

J.Crew christmas gifts ideas

41 days until Christmas
Ok so people it is ‘the most wonderful time of the year’, yes yes yes christmas is coming and I just realised I have to start gathering my christmas gifts. I have seen a lot of cute little things in different shops (i.e Anthropologie) 
I went on earlier this evening and found all these beautiful new arrivals … 
I was literally in heaven so I thought I would share FEW of many amazing things J.Crew has at the moment. Their jumpers (or sweaters call it however you want it) are just so amazing and comfy and that Nobody’s perfect t-shirt … well it sits really well in my wardrobe, I bought it last week and I just love it I was tempted between that and ‘Blah blah blah’ which I though represents me quite well don’t you think? Just though I’d mention as well that you can monogram your pj’s and this cute little passport holder which I think is a really sweet personalised christmas gift. 
Hope everyone is enjoying the build up to Christmas 
ps: will be posting a lot more Christmas gifts ideas soon, stay tuned 🙂 
love SS