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Banana Nutella cake :)

Today felt like a banana nutella cake not sure why probably because nutella is my little guilty pleasure ... It is seriously delicious so if anybody has a sweet tooth like me please go ahead : 1 cup of flower a bit of coconut (shredded if possible) half a cup of sugar 1 tea spoon of baking soda a bit of salt 3 bananas a bit of yogurt (natural) 1 large egg 3 table spoons of butter (if you are cheeky like me salted butter lol) 1 tea spoon of vanilla extract (vanilla sugar is fin) 1/2 cup of Nutella…

Restaurants, Hotels & Spas

Shake Shack

This was from far one of the best burger I have ever had in my life ... I know you might think in america it must be easy to find a good burger as this is all they eat but after trying a lot over the year Shake Shack is an amazing place :) They even have food for dogs on the menu, they had special burger and luxury busiest handmade in New York can you believe it? I have had so many burgers while in the US that I may have done an overdose and I find myself feeling…


My cute little house

I loved Washington DC so much ... The city is amazing and god the weather was wonderful not quite like the UK if I may say :) There is always something that makes me laugh when I arrive in a big city is that it has that different smell ... it was similar to New York but very much different from Paris and London well anyway you might be thinking what the hell is she on but I swear DC smelled lovely :)


An inspiring lady

This women is so inspiring ... she has an amazing blog that you could just spend hours reading, and she has a really cute little family and Im really hoping i'll be like her when I have my own because she manages to do so many things and all of that with her two babies and husband and the dog of course ... so seriously when people say children ruin their lives because they can't do anything anymore ... I think they are wrong I think that if you want to have kids you then accept they are part of…