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Sound sleeping





We are extremely lucky to partner with amazing brands since we have had Liam, we loved to try new products out and see what was working for us as new parents.

Liam has been sleeping in his Sleepyhead ever since he was a baby and has loved. So much so that I am worried about the time we can’t take it with us abroad or he gets in his big bed alone.

It’s not only perfect for his sleeps but also for naps on the sofa downstairs no risk of rolling on the side and he is happy in it. This sense of security and being like in a cocoon all tight and safe.

He is growing so big and I don’t think he will still be in it at 5/6 months ahah crazy long monkey!

We also love using it as recommended on the site to do tummy time it helps him understand the concept and yet being comfortable.

Anyone else using Sleepyhead and loving it?


It’s so worth the price we are taking it to the US so he can sleep soundly and forget about the jet lag.


Thank you to Sleepyhead for this post

xo S