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Weekend recap

 Weekend with fabulous friends 
 New prints for our mint bedroom 
 Fall blooms and my Birken
 This DKNY dress … to die for 
 Few more blooms 
 Classic London view of Liberty 
 My new ASOS coat (coming soon on the blog) 
 Fortunm and Mason (need those outside my house)
 London by night 
 I swear this Nutella waffle is as good as veg 🙂 
 Sweets at F&M
 Ralph on New Bond street
 Grey shades 
 A little healthy smoothie
We love London too … 
Sorry for being so bad at blogging this week I have not had a second to shoot outfits and I have had friends for four days and a few interesting work things going on … 
Will be better from tomorrow onwards promise 🙂 
xo S.S