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2013 resolutions for bad girls and geniuses

I am never really good with resolutions as a lot of people, january is all good but once january is gone the resolutions as well … 
So this year I am trying to do less and doable ones … 
1) WORSHIP MY OWN TEMPLE :  Main one is to try and be healthier by that I mean eat better and eat regular meals and go for more walks, do some yoga and go to the Spa more often (my card won’t like that thought) 
2) SIMPLIFY : Think before purchase, and stop buying clothes or things in a rush and then hate them a week later …  Sell or donate unwanted items, delete songs on iTunes (because like everyone else who doesn’t want to admit it i have 1000 of songs i haven’t listened for months) Oh and i need to bin my old magazines and stop keeping piles of wedding and Vogue magazines. Disconnect the wifi while studying, so i can stop following SJP on twitter … scale it down. 
3) ADVENTURE : Try all i can do get my dream job because in life nothing is impossible and you won’t certainly get anywhere without trying, “find a job you like you will never have to work a day in your life”. 
4) NO BRIDEZILA : The wedding is coming soon and its getting very stressful but very amazing … I just have to take it easy and not end up as a bridezila 🙂
oh and of course this year I’m using ‘Fabulous’ as a verb       Let’s fabulous 

       because this year is going to be fabulous I wanna celebrate everything and nothing and add sparkle to everything