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A new kitchen for kids

I have worked with Wayfair for a few years now and I am so pleased to share this collaboration, I have surprised Liam with this beautiful little kitchen for Christmas and he was soooo happy. I wanted a beautiful design, something that reminded me of our own kitchen, this pale blue and gold is exactly what I want for my next kitchen. Wayfair is brilliant for many reasons, they have a huge amount of stock for so many thing for the home and also their prices are so amazing. They have a blue version, white and also pink which is super cute for little girls!

It has proven to be a great gift, he was super duper happy and hasn’t stopped playing with it and making me pretend omelettes, smoothies and coffee which then he says ‘oh no not coffee mummy you don’t like it, it’s hot chocolate’ haha

Playing and imagination is so important for little ones his ages, he has a couple of days of nursery to play with friends and all but when home I much prefer him to play with his imagination rather than watching tv all day, don’t get me wrong he does watch tv and all but I like to see him concentrate on his imagination and it’s nice to just hear him talk to himself haha

I am so pleased with the quality and it’s neither too big nor too small so just perfect to store all his fake food and drinks!


I hope you like it as much as we do, here is the link for the blue one, the pink one and the white one.

xo S.