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Beauty talk with Vichy

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Beauty talk? yay! I love to try out new products and share them with you. I teamed up with Vichy to bring you my favourite Serums. I am sharing my trop three with you today, the first one is the pink one Idéalia life Serum, it smells divine and really feel like your skin looks better once it’s on the skin. I used this one for a whole week last week and I adore it. The feeling it leaves on your skin it’s like a little brush of heaven. I make sure my face is perfectly cleaned and with no leftover makeup, I then apply my Toner and then my serum before my daily cream. I feel it’s the best way to do for my skin but each to their own skin.

Second one is the blue one, Lift Activ Advanced Filler, you know the feeling of a mask? a lifting? it’s amazing, the skin gets tighter and stronger! I really love this one as much as the Life Serum (maybe a little more even)

last one is the lift Activ serum 10, a very similar one but this one is to look young, who doesn’t want to look young? I am 24 so I know I don’t need anti wrinkles creams and serums but it feels good to my skin to start early. It contains some Rhamnose, a naturally-derived plant sugar, clinically proven to act on the skin rejuvenation and fight the signs of ageing. Combined with Hyaluronic Acid for an immediate plumping and hydrating action. With just a simple drop, skin is visibly transformed. It’s light, fast-absorbing and leave the skin so soft and smooth. My mum is my example, she has the best skin, when I tell people how old she is, nobody believes me and I hope at her age I have her perfect skin. She look young and beautiful.

Taking care of your skin is important, you don’t have to have expensive creams and go to the spa every day, but please look after your skin. I find that since I have been in the city my skin feels attacked and stressed with the pollution and the heat in the summer. Make sure you drink plenty of water don’t forget!

Thank you so much to Vichy for this post

xo S.