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Morning cheeky!

Have you ever loved a body buff so much you wish you could eat it? my exact feeling with the Cheeky body buff, it smells divine and makes your skin feel so soft. They are so cheap for what they are and I think I might gonna stock up and buy a few in advance you know just in case the world is ending soon. When I pack to go on a trip I try to keep my liquids and beauty products to 1 medium pouch to avoid the suitcase being so heavy and most of the time I never use half of the stuff I took. You always take too much and think ‘I will take this just in case … and this … just in case …’ This however came with me as well as the body cream that goes with it (pink and smell like a flower) It was perfect for my skin, we went from a mild temperate in London (you hear me saying cold in my head, sorry brits) to a very hot and dry temperature in Italy, we had very strong warm African wind blowing and I found my skin was really dry out there, so it was nice to get the little dead skin off. The body cream is also extra smooth and special, I really love the whole range I got to try from nail polishes to body products and they are all wonderful but this one is by far my favourite! It smells like Hawaii … piggy promise try it!

I highly recommend this product, plus the name I mean … Bright as a button by Cheeky, so inspiring.

Hope you enjoy it, let me know if you try it. I was gifted some Cheeky products but I bought myself another one of this to have in stock and I was not paid for this review I just really love love love the product.

Thanks for reading and thank you to Cheeky for this great discovery!

Find this body buff here ℅

xo S.