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Ethos for breakfast

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A couple of weeks ago we were kindly invited to breakfast at Ethos London a delicious Vegetarian and Vegan restaurant in the heart of the city and we had a wonderful meal and a really amazing service. You know how much I love sweet things so I went for (drums…) chocolate, maple, strawberry pancake. Let’s just say I did not need lunch that day hahah

Have I told you my obsession for hot chocolate? I don’t drink tea (not british yet) and coffee well let’s say I get slightly anxious after one too many, you see what I mean?!

This hot chocolate was the best ever, it had an actual chunk of melted chocolate on the spoon and made it extra special. Jessica the owner told me she wanted her hot chocolate to have a little twist to it and make it different to the others and well I can tell I will be back for it.

Lewis went for his usual salted craving and ordered avocado and egg on toast which was delicious (hey you did not think I was going to pass on trying avocado toasts right?) I love this dish but usually for my lunches.

I was a little thirsty after my triple pancakes (don’t judge I love food) so I ask the manager to surprise me with a juice of his choice and he did not disappoint, he brought me Kiwi Pear and Apple and it was the perfect end to a very grand breakfast.

They have some yummy cakes and muffins to take away as well and the actual restaurant is really fun inside, I love the design and we were treated like a king and his queen …

Again a very big thank you to Jessica and the whole team at Ethos for having us and even for making us laugh so early in the morning!

We will be back


Breakfast menu: here