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Light lunches

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I am not the biggest fan of cooking, the husband loves it so at least I know I won’t starve hahaha light lunches are however essentials for me, I usually don’t have much time to cook lunches so I need something quick and easy. I usually love a good salad int the summer and fruits for dessert, winter is more about stews that I re heat from the weekend or soups. But transitioning between season is not only for clothes.

I am finding the weather rather chilly at the moment it’s usually 10 when I wake up and I end up not knowing what to cook for lunch to keep myself warm. I like to get a toast of avocado and feta with a couple of tomatoes and radishes as a starter and then add warm meat to a salad and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar or a pepper sauce.

I always have to finish on a sweet tooth, I love to add a few cereals and yogurt to fill me in for the day and I love to get a few fruits to give me energy for the day when I have buys meetings and evening events. I usually snack at events but rarely have dinners.
I hope you like these inspirations!

xo S.