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Sea foam

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 We had a lot of fun this weekend, we went away to the countryside for two days and decided on Sunday we were in need of some seaside fresh air and decided to make a little detour before heading home! I am glad we did, it was freezing cold, I did not share with you the hideous photos of me screaming and making terrible faces when my feet entered the water… I am sure it was as cold as the north pole … I love the colours of the sea at this season, it’s all white and beige, grey and browns. We are as we can say in Neutral grounds …

I think I took the sea for granted, no seriously I spent my life by the seaside and never really realised who much I loved it until I lost it … The city is beautiful and I love it so much but the sea is something else. I wore this outfit because I thought the colours would blend perfectly … My white denims are my favourite pair, I know they are white and sometimes it can be hard to keep them so white but come on they are pants not expensive piece of art! This sweater is from Esprit, I used to shop at EDC with my mum back when I was in France but I really feel that they have done something to make it all even better, I love the prices and the quality and they are so fashionable yet so casual and simple. I adore their sweaters and dresses mostly, all kinds with so many colours and always on trend. So I can definitely that at this time EDC is one of my favourite brand! ps: the boots are from Esprit too and were on major sale in the summer so I had to get them!

Sweater: Esprit, Jeans: J Crew, Booties: Esprit (old) similar, Bag: Tory Burch, Blanket: TK Maxx (old)