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Be my valentine

With Valentine’s day being on friday, we are surrounded by pink, red and pale blue 🙂 
Don’t you just love it? I mean really it’s mainly about spending money and not so much about celebrating love anymore. If we think about it we should celebrate L.O.V.E every single day … I love my husband a little more every single day and shouldn’t be the only day to show him.
However I am not going to complain if I get a sweet little card and a lovely cooked meal (have I ever told you that LJD is the best cook I know?) He should really have his own restaurant but shhh don’t tell him I said that…
I put together a little list of cute things for Valentine’s day, hope you enjoy! 
This week is a little bit crazy busy but I will hopefully be sharing a bit more by the end of the week!
xo friends! 
1) Love pillow (also in peach and grey colour)
8) Pink coat (on sale)
9) Canvas art (all sold out but I have been eyeing it to see when they are back in stock)