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Geeking with Bailey Nelson





Good morning, happy Monday everyone only 6 days until Christmas, I hope you are all ready for the festive season and that you have found all your gifts! I did all my Christmas gifts before the end of November in London and online, could not be bothered to get stuck in the London crowd in December and I am getting tired these days. Sometimes I opt for necessary gifts you know things I can actually use or that I might NEED. When I mean need I don’t mean handbags … no no handbags are not essentials and aren’t NEEDED hahaha

I mean something like a pair of glasses, I remember when I was told to wear glasses (only when I am on the computer) I wasn’t sure it was going to fit me, I needed to find a pair that was cool and stylish without costing me a fortune. I have been a big fan of Bailey Nelson for a few years now and I am super glad to share my optical glasses with you, they are super cool and exactly what I wanted in a pair of glasses. The best part … you can get your eyes checked at their boutiques in London and then the pair is £98 same for the solar pairs …

I think that is a very good price for something that is of quality and that will last for a while and also that is essential. Well saying that I would not mind a little Tiffany box under the tree either …

Thank you to Bailey Nelson for partnering on this post and for always keeping me stylish with either optical or sunglasses!

xo S.