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Charlotte’s W4 Bar and Kitchen

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Have you guys been to a restaurant where you truly loved the entire experience?

We went to Charlotte’s W4 Bar Kitchen a few Sundays ago for an early dinner and had the most delicious bistro/bar food we could possibly have, I love to find new places to eat in London but finding an amazing place in West London just where we live in Chiswick is the cherry on top of the cake.

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Smashed it …



I don’t eat big portions so for me my starters have to be small otherwise I won’t enjoy my main. I chose the Lentil hummus, I am usually a sucker for traditional hummus so I thought why not try the lentil version and it was divine (like melt in the mouth divine) Lewis loves his fish so he went for the Gin cured salmon, that also melted in the mouth pretty quickly I had to fight to get a bite … The lemon and pickled cucumber gave it a rather sweet taste. We tried two cocktails, Lewis had the Gin & Tea Party one of their signature cocktails I opted for a soft drink for my oh so soft and fragile tummy and went for the Armenian Apple juice and it blew my mind.

We got to try the mix they use for the bloody marry classic drink … they explained how they do it and even if we are keeping this a slight secret you will have to go and try for yourself as I don’t think either me or L. could possibly describe the explosion of flavours we had in our mouth.

When you think it can’t get better the mains arrive … Lewis had the Bloody Mary Beef Tartare with Capers Cornichons and Egg Yolk (it’s a starter but you can order it as a main) I did not feel like meat that night (even though you know me veggies aren’t my bffs) I chose to go for the Smoked Aubergine, Courgette and Goats Cheese. The sauce that was with it had the most amazing taste ever, combination of a creamy texture and a cheesy flavour = HEAVEN

Desert?! someone said desert?! Lewis hasn’t got a sweet tooth so we shared a desert for two and had the … wait for it … Chocolate & Black Cherry Delice, you knew I was going for chocolate there right? We ‘un delice mon cher’ it was superb. As a French person my food is very important to me, I have never done a diet or gone overboard but I try to include as much healthy food as possible and indulge on the weekends. There is no point living if you don’t appreciate the good food.

Charlotte’s W4 has by far the best bar food I have ever had, dinner was relaxing and the music allowed us to chill and feel cozy, I am lover of candles so candle light dinners are my all time favourites.

Visit Charlotte’s W4 and the two other bar and kitchen in Ealing as well (they are next on our list) and for those of you interested they also have a Gin class on Mondays …

A big thank you to Charlotte’s W4 and the entire team for having us