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Black and White beach vibe

black-and-white-beach-look-04 black-and-white-beach-look-06 black-and-white-beach-look-02 black-and-white-beach-look black-and-white-beach-look-05 black-and-white-beach-look-01

Happy Friday everyone, today I am sharing a black and white beach vibe in Kent. We were down this weekend for family circumstances and as I mentioned before my in-laws bought a new house right facing the sea … The cliffs are so beautiful and pure white (you know the kind of white you want to put on your walls shall I take this into Home Sense as a sample, white is very hard to choose don’t judge) Anyway we went down for a Saturday morning walk to get some fresh air and we shot this little look.

I don’t wear a lot of black, maybe more in the winter but I do like to wear it with white it’s a classic combo and it clashes well so the style isn’t too dark. I bought this jumper from Banana Republic on sale a few months back it’s a crop one so I thought it would a fun addition to my wardrobe and it was only £12 (I know bargain right?!)

I am missing the seaside a lot more lately, maybe I spent too long back at home in France and in Kent with the in-laws, I love the city so much but the seaside is so rejuvenating and so peaceful, I miss long walks on the sea front early mornings and watching the sunset on the horizon (you know the type of things we don’t see much in the city between those beautiful skyscrapers)

I might be down to the beach a few more weekends in the next few months so hopefully we can carry on our beach shoots in the winter season …

Have a lovely weekend

xo S.

Banana Republic jumper, J Crew shorts, The White Company towel