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Desk talk





So first things first, who here is a self employed blogger/mama/house cleaner/ everything else? I have to say I have always been quite the organised person, always the food list ready, the to do list done in time, the house clean and myself prepped. My work used to be a lot more scheduled my emails were done properly, my photoshoot were done every week and so on … since having Liam it has been a real challenge, he is a lot more active these days and requires a lot of attention if I don’t want him to break everything in the house. Nursery and it’s cost is out of the equation and therefor he is awake at 6 am or 7 depending on days and naps 2h in the morning in which I do some cleaning a washing (or 10) hoover prep some meals and sometimes have a shower (see the word sometimes?)

He then goes to bed around 7 when the hubs comes back home, he does dinner I tidy the house we eat chat about our day and then it’s a shower a quick tv series and bed. I am one who has always needed her sleep ever since my glandular fever so if I don’t have at least 7/8h I can not function or have any patience for Liam. It’s not easy keeping up with emails, articles, photoshoots, being a mum, doing meals and also redesigning the blog at the same time at the moment.

So I am going to restart from zero, take a deep breath, I have started yoga every Wednesday night and it’s magical how one can rediscover her body and how you come out of there refreshed and stronger … I am going to finish the design of the blog (introduce something new along the lines of Interior Design …) and make this new website perfect so I have then motivation to work … I am going to create a schedule (a realistic one) timetables and also some breathing space for myself.

Sometimes you just need to say out loud that you are a mess and things to change haha I have eaten like a pig this week so it’s all going to change and I promise you this blog is going to come back and grow stronger than ever!

Thank you for still reading it!

xo S.