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Down memory lane with Inkifi

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Hi everyone, today I am sharing something extra fun, I have teamed up with Inkifi to bring you a really cool way to print your photos. I feel like people don’t print photos anymore, it’s all about computers and iPhones, I always loved to print my holiday photos and when I go back at my parent’s in France I love to open boxes and flick through albums. My computer died two years ago and I almost lost all my photos and really thought to myself ‘it’s your fault for not printing any’ Since then L and I got married and my priority when we came back from NYC was to print print print.

Inkifi has a lot of fun ways to print your photos and go down memory lane every day. I was allowed to choose two formats and went for the square pictures as they are small and really cute, I printed 8 of my favourite pictures from our wedding as they are by far my favourite memories. I thought it would be fun to keep them simple and real so I have put them in the entrance of our flat with washi tape to make them look a little different. They come on a thick paper which makes it easy to just tape them on the wall.
I then picked up the photo stripes ones, aren’t they just fabulous? it’s like a real photo booth, I used a few photos from some of my shoots, or our Paris trip and also as I said (down memory lane) photos from the family house in the Caribbean.

When you choose the photos you want to put on the stripes or any others for that matter you can select your computer ones but also your Instagram ones which makes it super easy and great to have a variety of images, as most of the time I delete my Instagram pictures ones they are on the page otherwise I would have a full iPhone everyday.

Check their website for some great Christmas gift ideas to make people smile and realise that even in 2014/15 a printed picture is worth a lot. Plus they are really cheap for what you get.

Thanks for following and make sure you check their Instagram page, makes me dream every single day

All photos: Inkifi c/o

This post was brought to you by Inkifi, all opinions are my own