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Day of Fun


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I have not had so much since maybe the last time I went to Disney. We were kindly invited to Dreamland Margate a few weekends ago for their Grease sing along night. We arrived a few hours early to enjoy the rides and the fun! I have never seen Dreamland back in the old days as I have only been in the UK for 6 years but my husband has enjoyed every phases of Dreamland. They have done an amazing work, the retro ambiance is what I loved the most I have to say. I really felt like I was in Grease actually …

We loved the view of the sea from the big wheel, and yes we did have a lot of fun and no we don’t have kids hahahah I went on the horses and had a blast just like if I was 5 although sometimes I think in my head I am …

We managed to do the mirror maze without smashing our heads against the mirrors (record for me I always hurt myself) this time I trusted the husband and followed him, if you follow me on Snapchat (@sylviassparkles) you would have seen I snapped about 100 times that day. After a long afternoon of rides and singing around we sat down in preparation for Grease and had a fab burger, it was super cheap but a real brioche bun and the meat was so good (you know I am French I need my meat red red red or pink really)

I have always loved Grease and I was so happy to be there for that night, I sang ever song and danced the night away, we had a little bag of props that we used during the film it was such a fun ambiance having the public participate!

I am so glad they managed to reopen the park, it’s truly great for Margate, it really revamps the town. I can’t recommend it enough you guys can take the train to Margate for the day it’s 3 min from the station and it’s worth it for kids and adults.

I really had a 1000 smiles per hour on my face

Thank you so much to Dreamland for having us and for their staff for being so fun and welcoming

This post was brought to you by Dreamland