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A day at the beach

glamourous-stripe-dress-02 _DSC0307 san-pelegrino-pic-nic pic-nic-by-the-sea pic-nic-by-the-beach glamourous-stripe-dress-03 glamourous-stripe-dress-04 glamourous-stripe-dress-05

Mondays suck right? Today in particular, we had a lovely weekend spent Saturday at the pool it was 33 degrees (yep I am still in England) and then Sunday it rained but we managed to do some work and then relax at home watching films and house hunting online (found this gorgeous 6 bedroom mansion for less than 6 million hahah kidding). This was shoot a few weeks ago we decided to go to the beach but it was rather cold so what to do on a day at the beach when it’s not hot enough to swim? Well got you covered: a fun picnic!!

We love picnics so much it’s a fun way to pack up and enjoy a meal instead of being at home all boring. We bought a few of our favourite stuff in small portions and off we went. Although this looks great on photos it was a bit of a mission we first got attacked my bees and then a dog almost ate our entire lunch … but hey that’s what bloggers are here for to make everything look super perfect (so not)

It was a relaxing day and as much as I love jeans, what I love most is to step into a comfy casual dress and just enjoy the day as a normal person not a fashion addict where I have to wear makeup and heels.

So here is to a normal day as a Fashion blogger (cheers)

ps: for all you Londoners thank goodness they canceled the tube strike this week, so much more to cheer for.

xo S.

Dress Glamourous from my favourite boutique: The Laundry Boutique (online and in London)