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Lavender field

lavender01 lavender02 lavender08 lavender lavender03 lavender07 lavender06

There is something so refreshing and distressing about running through a lavender field, (aside from the thousands of bees that were flying around me) We stopped at the Mayfield farm on our way to Brighton the other day and I am so glad we found this little corner of heaven. I love those feminine colours pink, purples so for me it’s like being in girl heaven!

I bought that dresses years ago from Jaeger and I love the shape and the colour and the stripes, seriously put a fun shape add some pink and give it some stripes and I am your girl. I am in the process (long process) of design my own clothing line and it’s so much fun to see how much work is put behind clothes. I will tell you more about this in the next few months as I has press paused on the project for a little while but so excited to get back onboard.

I hope you all have a fab week (I myself should not have gotten up this morning, seriously bruised myself twice, got the wrong place for an appointment, my bank is driving me insane, I ruined my Michael Kors’ blazer and to top it off something I ordered never arrived from a rather expensive place I won’t name cuz I am kind so I called them and they don’t have it in stock. You know that feeling right? Anyway I am alive, tomorrow will be better!

Thank you to the Mayfield Lavender farm for letting us shoot there.

And a Big thank you to all the brands that make Sylvia’s Sparkles possible!

Dress Jaeger, Handbag Radley (Hepburn collection in light rose) ℅, Sunglasses Bailey Nelson ℅, Shoes J Crew, Coloured Bracelets Jiya Jewellery ℅ , Black one Astley Clarke ℅ , Crossed ring Tresor Paris

xo S.