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Little black jacket with La Redoute

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As a child I used to be so happy when receiving the La Redoute catalogue, flick through and choose at least a hundred things to buy (or to dream off). When I grew older I slightly forgot about La Redoute to be honest, when moving to England I realised we also had La Redoute and I started to look online a little more … and then every week and so on hahaha I find that they have changed their style over the years and I really love what they have at the moment. As a Frenchie I was asked by La Redoute UK to wear a Black Jacket and style it a few ways according to my own style.

I went for a more evening look with a black and white combo, this white romper is quite handy to be truthful it goes with anything. Black and white is an easy choice, in France we tend to stay with our staple colours like black.

I then went for a casual day look with a pair of heels and a denim, also I did not wear anything under the blazer because well I am French and I do what I want 😉

A more autumn look with darker colours was also a favourite of mine, a dark grey dress with ankle boots fitted just fine, and finally I went for a more fashionable look with denim shorts and over the knee boots just because I never know how to dress up in the UK with the silly weather so late summer was a tough one for me, it was sometimes raining and chilly yet hot sometimes so shorts and boots were a go to.

I hope you like my looks with La Redoute UK, I am very impressed with their new collection and I buy a lot from them especially lately.

As a French person living in the UK I think my style has changed so much, when I moved here I was only 18 and all I wanted was to be able to wear bright colours like Brits and stop wearing black like French and be a bit more adventurous with my clothing, now that I am 25 I think my style is still evolving, I like to follow Fashion but I also tend to go back to my old staples and neutrals a lot more. I love pink and prints but I just have to find the right balance.

French advice, stay true to your own style, always have staples in your wardrobe, wear a black bra under a white shirt, wear red lipstick, not too much makeup and don’t brush your hair (oops)

xo S.

Brought to you by La Redoute

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