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Market day

        Dress: Esprit, Shoes: Kate Spade, Hat: J.Crew, Bag: J.Crew

The sun has been shining for a few days now and it feels so good and puts me in such a better mood … Is it just me? I mean surely in England we are all lacking of vitamin D right?
We are still flat hunting and it’s getting a bit old news so we need to find a flat home asap, so we can settle and finally unpack our life out of boxes. Six months without our clothes etc … can you believe I lasted that long? I am excited to move (back) to London and can’t wait until the better days to wear this cute little dress and spend my sunday mornings at the market 🙂 
I am crazy about stripes but usually I am attracted by the blue ones but this summer I really need to throw some colours into my wardrobe. Talking about wardrobe, while viewing some properties we have made it very clear we wanted a two bedroom (clothes amount and future kidos), anyway we have asked to see some one bedroom to see if we could go down in price (London pricy? no!). Sadly some of the one bedrooms were quite lovely but NO STORAGE AT ALL! I mean really, not even the slightest space for a hoover or a broom for that matter … I mean I have a lot of clothes and a few suitcases to store guys … 
Well wish me luck we have 12 properties to view tomorrow and hopefully we can have a ‘new home’ post coming very soon! 
Thanks to whoever reads my blog and for sticking around even with the lack of posts these days I promise it will get better 🙂 
xo S.S