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Morning you guys! I am sure you have all heard of Fresh beauty products, I always wanted to try them out and I finally received a few products recently and was so happy. I am not one for Rose smell to be honest, Peonies ok but usually shy away from strong and flower smell. I however love this touch of Rose smell in the products. The cleanser is perfect I use it every morning and night to wash my face and love the foam feeling and texture to it. It gets your skin feeling so soft but not too oily you know just the right amount of moist and dryness. I then go onto the toner that I love, it has this little spray (that I have not taken with me for the trip so you can’t see it on the photos) but it’s super handy and I love to spray it on my face it feels amazing, so much better than a cotton! It does a better job when sprayed to my opinion. I am going to tell you something I sometimes love it so much that when I am at home I just spray it on my face to relax and distress myself and my face. I highly recommend it.

The hydrating gel cream is divine, you do not need a lot honestly it’s quite oily and soft so I don’t put a lot as my skin can tend to be more oily especially when it’s hot outside and living in the city I hate feeling oily so I only put a little bit on my face and it’s enough. I then take my makeup off with the Soja makeup remover, it’s creamy and nice, the smell is sooo divine, it really works on waterproof which is always my main concern, I don’t know about you but the panda eyes really don’t suit me in the morning and I hate having a lot of black stain under the eyes in the morning and after the shower so no big no.
I really am glad I have Fresh products at home because I really like them and how it leaves my skin, fresh and toned.

Last but not least the lip balm, they taste good (no I don’t eat them but almost) they just colour your lips just enough for the day time are SPF and smell so good. They live my lips in perfect condition and looking pretty! Such a fun alternative to lipstick and lipgloss, toss it in the bag and it’s quick and handy!

Hope you will give it a try, let me know your thoughts!!
xo S.