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Our dream wedding

We were so lucky to be able to get married in New York. We had our close family and it was just magical. Sometimes I just think about it and look back at the photos and wonder ‘was this true? did it really happen?’ Well the rain did happen that we are sure of … We had an amazing photographer that I really recommend for any photo shoots needed in the City. 
Our wedding planner organised everything and it was just so stressless and perfect. Have a look at her website and blog she has done a lovely post about us.
Ok the photo above is one of my favourite, everybody was starring at us wondering what were doing in the middle of the train station. I have to say getting married in NYC is amazing and it also makes you feel famous for one day. We had so many people coming towards us on the street or in the park and ask us if they could take photos. 
We just want to thank everyone who helped us make this day perfect and our families for being there with us on this magical day. We love you 
Photos of the French wedding coming up soon …