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J.Crew favourites

The november issue is now out and we could not be happier about the new looks that J.Crew has to offer. The issue was shot in the countryside here in the UK which makes it even more special, I absolutely love the countryside don’t you? I mean everyone knows I am a city girl but time to time I enjoy a good old day in the field. 

One of the store is already open in London so go and have a good look at Lamb’s Conduit Street … 

Flagship on Regent Street opening on 8th November at 10 am. You do not want to miss it, Jenna Lyon and Mickey will be there so it will be even more special. In the meantime here are a few of my favourite looks for the fall/winter collection that my colleagues and I have spent days unpacking and … let’s be honest we have also been dying to buy everything in the store.

Enjoy 🙂 

 Who does not love a good Etta pump?
 Everyone needs a Pixie pants in their wardrobe they are the comfiest thing ever!
 Now this necklace is to die for, ok I mean there a lot of statement necklaces out there at the moment but this one? I mean THIS ONE!! 
 Ok Jenna Lyons once said “as far as I’m concerned Leopard is a neutral” and she was right. Find these beauty over here
 This jumper is ever so sweet just perfect for fall you can find it in different colours, I particularly find the ‘Elm indigo‘ very cute for this season. 
Ok so what is there to say about Italian Cashmere apart from ‘its amazing, comfy, beautiful’ (a little pricy I have to say) but this cardigan will forever be yours. Oh and did I forget to mention that J.Crew offers monograming????? Monograming is a favourite of mine, I said to my husband once we got married ‘I’m gonna monogram the shit of everything we own’ (and I did)