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Weekend Wonders

via Pinterest

I hope you all had a lovely week and are ready for some fun over the weekend!

. If you are an hopeless romantic you need to watch this film (I have seen it twice … in 1 week)
. J.Crew is having some amazing sale at the moment (US only) just a few of my favourite things this, thisthisthis and this
. Ok so this ‘you know you are a décor junkie when…‘ is hilarious I think mind would be ‘you know you are a décor junkie when you almost get are arrested for house stalking or ‘when you shoes selfie are all about the rug’ 
. Rachel has this amazing green smoothie recipe that I am so looking forward to try out next week 
. How to decorate your home like a Montauk hotel, it looks so fab … ps: I miss The Hamptons so much 
. I am loving this BaubleBar necklace | Also make you sure you check out Grace from Stripes and Sequins’ collaboration with BaubleBar (I want them all) 
. New blog crush on Monica, I met her couple of weeks ago at a fun evening at Burt Bees. She has an amazing style, she is gorgeous and super nice make sure you follow her blog
. I so want to try this little cafe in Covent Garden after a nice morning walk 

Make sure you check out my Pinterest as there is a lot more over there of what goes through my head by the way I have been addicted to Pinterest for few years now and I usually get fed up easily with stuff but this is still my favourite website ever (with Instagram) It’s an amazing way to save inspirational photos!
Have a wonderful weekend! (I am off to watch a good tv show and eat popcorn) 
ps: this house is probably my dream house (she says from her small expensiiiiive stamp size flat in London with no money) Dream girl Dream … 
xo S.S