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Happy hump day guys! Almost the weekend, it’s flying by lately just last weekend we were still in the Caribbean, far from the city, far from the noise well other kind of noise like a donkey and a cow and now it’s back to sirens and metro noises but god I love the noise of the city don’t you? I mean I know it can get a bit annoying at times but I love that feeling of knowing that I can walk out the door and find anything I want, like I can get a smoothie, a Krispy Kreme donut, a Chipotle or even pop in to my favourite store (J Crew). We are making very big decisions at the moment concerning our whereabouts and it’s rather scary and exciting but sometimes I just think ‘what am I gonna do without London’ I think the fact that I love Spring and Summer in the city makes me realise how much I would miss it if we moved … So I am going to enjoy the upcoming season to its fullest,

This look is still in the winter folder, we shot this in DC and boy it was freezing cold, that wind really was unfair. Anyway the shades of pastel on this look really make me want to be spring, I thought on the plane the other night ‘damn I going back to cold London’ but you know what London is pretty nice at the moment we have around 15 C (59F) which I would definitely consider like an early Spring, it’s London after all 15 is good well more than good. I am going to keep a few coats out just because I am slowly recovering from the flue and I am not ready to be back in bed for days, other than that Spring is starting in my wardrobe, I will be selling and giving clothes away make sure you check an announcement on social media if anyone is interested in buying let me know.
Tomorrow I will be sharing a few items I have on my Spring wish list stay tune


Coat: Nordstrom JOA, Scarf: Zara, Jeans: Eleven Paris, Shoes: Converse, Mug: Kate Spade.