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Sick days essentials

 Been a bit ill for the last few days… It had to happen though between the cold weather and being super tired. I think either France is colder than England or I was allergic to France and then it turned into a cold … no I am just kidding, I had a fab few days in France seeing friends and family and enjoying shopping and chatting to my mum!

I am currently lying on the sofa with a hot chocolate and in cosy pj’s under the blanket watching christmas films and Friends (if you didn’t know it I’m a Friends addict). I have gathered some ‘sick days’ essentials to be comfy and recovering very quick!

Hope you all had a lovely week! TGIF and have a fabulous weekend, hopefully not with a cold like me 🙂 

1) Home alone dvd (they have the 4 of them for 9£ in HMV)
2) Stag pillow
3) Limited edition gold mug
4) J.Crew sleepwear shirt
5) Sweatpants
6) Throw