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Beauty favourites







Today I am sharing some of my favourite beauty products, I have quite a lot of products in my bathroom but I selected my top favourites! I will be doing a morning routine post very soon as I have had a few people asking me how I treat my skin! I think winter is around the corner so my beauty regiment is going to be changing very soon, I love to switch my routine every season or so as your skin gets used to the products and then it ends up not working. I will first start with Origins, they are my favourites, you ca definitely feel the change in your skin when using them, they are a bit more pricey than high street brands but they last really long and smell so good! The mega mushroom one is a mask (you know the real green one that makes you look like Jim Carrey in THE MASK) it’s amazing how after 10 min your skin can feel so refreshed and calm. I have been having a rather bad skin lately (stress, city life, pollution, stress and did I mention stress?) lol So I have to look after my skin a lot more, but it does not mean a lot of very expensive products or tons of layer on your skin. I do have a variety of products but not too much. The drink up one is a night mask, it has no colour but feel like a film protector on your skin (smells delicious I sometimes feel like eating it) it’s amazing to fall asleep with that on and wake up like if your skin had had been in the water, do you ever have that feeling that your skin is thirsty? I feel like that a lot depending on what I do that day and honestly the only two things that satisfy this feeling are this mask and MOISTURE MOISTURE, which brings me to my next products the Avene Hydrance is so good especially if you have a tight budget and still want a good quality product from a renowned pharmacy. It was £10 at a small pharmacy in the centre the kind that was in the smallest alley but still has all of your favourite french products … Anyway I put some on twice a day morning and night and even if it is rather small it lasts. Bioderma is used twice daily as well to get read of the makeup and in the morning just in case the big city’s pollution crawled through your window whilst you were sleeping (I ask my mum to send them to me they are much cheaper in France) Finally my Chanel foundation has been in my life for 1 year and half now and is still far from being finished and was reasonably priced with a Sephora discount code for my birthday last year. Liquid foundation fit better to my skin but then if you like powder I recommend Bare Minerals they have a really coverage. Finally add a little Concealer under the puffy eyes (I know people think I do nothing all day blogging but I often read emails at night and most of my days consist in sending 200 emails) Maybelline is pretty good cheap and does the work! I then add a little pshit of NYX to fix my makeup (bought in a Nordstrom rack for cheaper than cheap) and pop a little Chanel lipgloss and I am ready to head out!!
ps: I stock up on my Origin products in the US ($30 vs £36 ????!!!!!)

Origins mushroom mask, Origin drink up night mask, Avene Hydrance moisturiser, Bioderma, Chanel foundation, Maybelline concealer, NYX makeup setting spray, Chanel lipgloss, Bobbi brown brush,

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