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Sunset in Taormina

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More photos from Sicily actually I looked at my calendar and you might see Italy for another few weeks! Lewis lived in Catania for a year and he has been talking about Taormina for years (10 to be precise) and called it the ‘paradise in the sky’ well you guys it was PARADISE in the sky. Needless to say it took us all our energy to get up, just imagine a rock … and a town on top of this rock … and little roads … and insane drivers … well let me tell you (and excuse the language) I almost did my pants more than once.
It was well worth it though (more photos coming this week) we went up around 6pm to explore, got lost in little Italians alleys and made it to the top for sunset. It was ever so magical, Lew showed me around and we spent a little while choosing a restaurant with a view (if you know us you will know we love trying out restaurants and often choose them on how they look or what they have to offer that will be different from others) We had the most amazing meal al fresco and went back to the car (in the dark) oh what fun, mum if you are reading I swear I stayed as close as the wall as possible on my way up the little curved roads and I also promise that when we have kids I will never do this again (piggy promise)

No seriously the way back to the car was dangerous but beautiful, the lights shining for the little town and the city back down was out of this world. We spotted a little red flashing light in the distance and realised the volcano was in that direction we quickly realised it was the lava and the volcano was erupting. I have been in non active volcanos before but never seen an active one and trust me it’s pretty impressive, especially on the plane, we sat by the window to see the pink cloud shadowing the city and it was just perfect. We have gone on a lot of holidays before we met each other and since together so many I have made a promise to myself that I will share with you my adventures so you guys can get to know me a little better, anyway this was by far one of the best holiday!

Dinner in this beautiful little village deserved a skirt so here is my old J Crew skirt that I dearly love and a little Zara crop top, added a few blings and a Rebecca Minkoff clutch.

Stay tune for a lot more photos this week you are in for a treat my friends!

Love xo S.

J Crew skirt, Zara crop top, Karen Walker sunglasses, Rebecca Minkoff clutch