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Nothing better during early spring than running though fields filed of bluebells, we saw these ones on our drive to the beach house recently and I knew I had to go back to take a few photos, this little ASOS dress was the right dress for this little set up.

Not only it’s soft and easy to wear it was also £7 on sale on ASOS and has the cutest back style ever.

ASOS is for sure my go to for clothes I look at their site daily (well since Liam was born I’d say twice a week haha) it always has some great sales and you can practically find anything you want.

I know yet have to find a poppy filed and another lavender that’s always the nicest with the smell (minus the bees haha)

Does anyone know of a cool spot for these fields in Kent?

ps:  God I look so white thanks pregnancy and lack of sun in England lol

xo S.