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The land of dream







You know how much I love Dreamland, it’s fun and so old fashion it makes me feel like I am on the set of Grease! ! This summer Dreamland has reopened their doors stronger than ever … new rides are coming and everybody is super excited. We went for a family fun day out and it really was so much fun, Liam loved the Carousel and we loved the old wooden ride as per usual … We really always have a lot of fun, food and drinks onsite are really delicious and selected with taste, the staff is always helpful and friendly and you can never have enough rides for one day … we had unlimited rides as we had wristbands …

My little one also often goes to the playground in their which is called The Octopus’ garden and honestly the decor is magical, not only children day dream …

Hope you love your trip to Dreamland Margate because it is by far my favourite place to be during the summer.

xo S.