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At home with Olivia Chantecaille


Welcome to Olivia Chantecaille’s home in Soho, New York.

Olivia is the creative director at Chantecaille, a family cosmetic business. Her French background has led to a beautiful interior in her loft. Soho homes are converted old loft and have so much character and style. She is now a New Yorker but always will be French at heart, she speaks French to her little baby girl and that is so what I will be doing with my kids having a British daddy they will then be forced to speak French with me! win win..

“I approach decorating the same way I approach makeup” she says, her home looks so classic with the touches of French style. The white vibes gives the elegant and chic touches. In our apartment in London at the moment we have a lot of white, cream and grey and I think that in our future home we will keep it that way. I know people freeze when you say my house if mainly white and I have kids … it can be white and chic but it does not have to be expensive. Touches of colours and gold are important to me, I love just like Olivia to add pop of colours through arts and gold through little decorations and objects. Their dinning room is huge and for us it’s so important to have a place where we can sit, dine, wine and talk for hours. As a family (of two for now) it’s important to set rules and eating around a table and being able to find each other after work and talk and sit comfortably is so important. Lastly for me, flowers are a necessity at home, I love them big and colourful! The farmer’s market in my best friend over the weekends … Well I will let you enjoy those lovely photos and hope you like her style as much as I do