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feathers pink_tutu pink tutu_skirt_1 tutu_skirt_2 tutu tutu2 tutu3

I love a good tutu skirt, this one was from Coast last year and much longer but I cut it to make it shorter. I love the feminine look it gives to an outfit plus I get to play Carrie Bradshaw. It goes with anything from a t-shirt in the summer to a sweater in the winter and this fluffy angora one is one of my favourite (wish I had it in white actually) I bought it in France about 8 years ago in Kookai and loved it ever since so bad it has a hole in it (shhh)

Hope you like the look and you had a wonderful weekend

Skirt: old Coast, similar, Sweater: old Kookai, similar, Shoes: Marks and Spencer, Necklace: Reiss