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Weekend recap

A little retail therapy after a crap friday morning at Ted Baker
A sunny walk home 
A little Bellini for dinner
Saturday morning farmer’s market and some radiant roses
Sunday baking with some apple cinnamon and caramel pies (yum)
A gorgeous bike around the park with a beautiful view of the Eye and the Shard
Drive past this every weekend and never stopped! 
New cape/coat (coming up soon on the blog)
A little sunday ritual in the park (my favourite is the raspberry one)
An all black look for our bike ride wearing Coat, Jack Wills, New balance and my favourite J Crew cap
Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! The weather was terrible on saturday so we chilled home and sunday was just the perfect autumn day!
Enjoy this week as it is the last for this blog … 
yay new blog coming up! 
xo S.S