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Apple tart

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It’s apple tart season and apple picking time! Honestly I can clearly remember my grand mother’s apple tart during cold sundays indoors by the fire. I used to help her cut the apples and place them on the tart (well ok I also used to eat half of them and everyone wondered where the apples went haha)

I have done one a few weeks ago when the days got shorter, darker and colder. I poured some warm caramel on it to give an extra little fancy taste and it was truly heaven. Actually it tasted a lot better the day after it was baked (tip)

It’s such an easy desert to do I don’t really need to write down a recipe, I used a pre-made tart base bought in the supermarket (for lazy days) and then cut the apples and placed them nicely in the tray added the caramel and did a fancy looking pastry top layer (just for fun) and then hop in the oven for 35min (depending on the oven of course make sure you check yours mine cooks slowly)

Hope you enjoy a good tart like I do!

Happy autumn evening my dear friends!

xo S.