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Food Friday


A little food recipe for Food Friday, I love to keep it super simple at lunch time, I often have brunch or lunches out so when I am at home I like to eat healthy.


Smoothies are my favourite thing to do, I often do them at home. My favourite mix





(If I am not home and don’t have time I go for Naked smoothie the very best)


This lunch is super simple, I have cooked some Quino (fav) and added some avocados, radishes, olives, pork from the our dinner the night before and a little bit of red pesto to give extra saucy taste.

I am keeping things simple on my food articles but if you want to know more I am happy to answer any questions. I will be doing videos soon (yay Youtube channel underway) and I will be doing Q&A’s on different topic food being one of them.

The husband and I love good food and cooking (especially him) so we might even start a cooking book … stay tuned.

xo S. TGIF

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