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Do you love your body? Why these days we get so worried about our looks? is my ass too big? are my breasts too small? how does this girl look? what about this one? why can’t we just be happy with the way we look and also stop caring about what people think? Social media is something amazing that our grand parents for sure would not understand but I also strongly believe it’s destroying our lives … we compare ourselves with others and how do we even know that their lives are perfect? what tells us they don’t photoshop their photos or just aren’t happy in their own body?

I am not one for wanting to change my figure, I am the way I am for a reason, yes I moan about some things we all do but my hips are large and they will stay that way haha. Can we talk about cellulite? I believe as one gets older our body changes for so many reasons, stress, not enough exercise, bad diet or simply after having children. Cellulite does not have to be a bad thing but if you want to feel good about yourself and feel beautiful in your underwear or bikini then you can definitely change a few things, cellulite is only skin that needs toning!


Here are my recommendations for a healthier you!


Try and find a sleep rhythm that suits you, if it’s waking early at 5 am for work, because your kids wake you up or to work out then sleep early! Are you a PMer or AMer? I myself wish my little one slept until 7 like he did before but lately it’s been 6 so I know that for me 10pm – 6am is the right timing. Maybe also try and get a cup of warm milk or tea before bed and a little reading (avoid blue screens) but who am I to say that when I Instagram late and watching Netflix before bed …

Exercise does not automatically mean work out, run, sweat like crazy and hate doing it! You have to find something that you enjoy, something that motivates you because it should not be considered as a chore! I used to dance for 14 years and since moving to England 10 years ago I have not done anything and my body feels it now after having Liam, my body is lose and tense and I also found a lack of strength and chore! I started yoga months ago every Wednesday night and it’s the best thing ever (for me) my teacher is the best truly, she is so friendly fun and helpful. We do a mix of Thai Chi, Yoga, Pilates and a lot of planks haha it has helped me on so many level, to tone my body and build my strength and work on my breathing!

Plenty of water I can’t exaggerate this because I easily drink over 1L every day! I also do smoothies and eat salad and vegs (but eh I also am not here to lie I eat a lot of burgers and chocolate) it’s a balance in your diet and lifestyle!

Finally use Assome for your that butt of yours! Assome is an ultrasonic cellulite removal, it removes your cellulite that is buried deep under the skin and reduce the percentage of stubborn fat cells, and work on achieving the slimming and body shaping effects! The vibrations provide cell massage and promote the circulation of blood, it aims to keep the skin rosy and elastic. With this product you can aim to reduce cellulite, tighten your skin, slim and reshape the bottom area. It comes with an absorption gel and oils for each targeted aim (zero cellulite zero fat, zero gravity) massage that butt and look after yourself your body will thank you later!


Your body, your rules don’t let society ruin you!

xo S.

Brought to you by Assome