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Back to work with Kipling



The summer is coming to an end sadly, this week was back to work, back to school and so on. So for me it’s a little different as Liam is only 7 months and I work from home BUT Kipling has kept me sorted …

I sometimes can not concentrate at home, or I am bored of home and Liam some days could use some distraction. We therefor go the barn down the road of a cafe to get a cup of hot chocolate or a smoothie and I tend to separate my handbags with his stuff, it’s easier.

This bag has been perfection to put my laptop, notebooks and charger as well as his nappy, toys and food for the morning.

So much easier than two bags and it fits under the buggy in the basket so what else really?

I love this midnight blue colour it will also super well with my navy rain coat and Liam’s (yes matching clothes) for the autumn.

You can find the bag over here and many more colours too.

xo S.