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You know me and my love for smoothies, I have found the perfect smoothie.

I try every week to create something different, wether it’s simple like banana milk or wether it’s more elaborated. I find doing a little smoothie every other day in the week really boost my energy and creativity for that matter.

This one is pretty simple BUT delicious, especially now the days are getting shorted, darker and colder I just want a creamy thick drink that will keep me happy by the fire.

So here it is …

. 3 peaches (fresh, frozen however you want)

. Buttermilk (half a small pot found for £0.50 at Waitrose)

. Chia seeds (just a table spoon not too full)

. Honey (again a thin table spoon)

Put all of this in the juicer and boom you have it 🙂

Hope you enjoy it!

xo S