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BBQ with Macknade

Happy National BBQ Week everyone, is the weather decent where you live? I love a good BBQ with close family or friends, it’s wonderful to be able to have people over again, especially after the year we have had. We are very lucky to live near  Macknade Ashford, at Elwick Place. I first discovered Macknade in Faversham and it’s amazing to see how they have grown since then, it’s like they’re family haha For those who do not know Macknade they are best described as Food Hall with all day dining.

They are passionate about sustainability and seasonality and work closely with local producers, growers and suppliers.  At Macknade Ashford, they have a deli counter, fresh, seasonal fruit and vegetables, a wine store, butchery counter, bakery and their shelves are always well stocked with larder essentials and specialist produce. We personally love to go there for brunch, lunch or cake and coffee but also to get some fresh products from the area and some delicious cheese and meat.

We have partnered with them on this occasion to share with you their BBQ box and it’s been an absolutely pleasure.

Curated by their talented butchery team, the box is filled with delicious barbeque treats that the team make in house, salad staples including delicious vine tomatoes from Thanet Earth and Huffkins made by the bakers at Wingham Bakery. 

  • 6 x Mr Pepper’s Sausages
  • 4 x Butcher’s Beef Burgers
  • 4 x Salsa verde Marinated Lamb Kebabs (with the marinade made in house from fresh ingredients available on the shelves in the Macknade store)
  • 4 x Chicken Thighs
  • Angus & Oink Pit Boss Texas BBQ Sauce
  • White Huffkins (from Wingham Bakery)
  • Curd & Cure Coleslaw
  • Barbers Mature Cheddar
  • Vine Tomatoes (from Thanet Earth)
  • Stokes Real Tomato Ketchup
  • Sriracha Chilli Sauce
  • Felix Sweet Pickled Swedish Gherkins
  • Little Gem Lettuce

We were even luckier to try the Big Green Egg – Mini Max Version to cook all this lovely produce on. Are you familiar with them? I was not when they first mentioned it to me and now I am hooked. You have the power to cook restaurant quality food at home. Used by some of the best chefs around the world, the Big Green Egg is a ceramic kamodo style cooker for use outdoors… and is so much more than your average BBQ.

You can use your egg all year round and they are incredibly versatile, acting as a BBQ, oven, smoker & grill all at the same time.

From cake to pizza, steak to chilli, you can cook pretty much anything on one of our Big Green Eggs… even a full roast dinner (roasting joint, potatoes, veg – the full works!).

The Macknade team have told me that slow roasting a shoulder of local lamb overnight at 120C produces the most amazing, tender meat – full of flavour! You can cook on the eggs using regular charcoal (no chemicals though!) and they use far less fuel than a regular BBQ.

  • They take only 15 minutes from lighting to reach 180C.
  • They are self-cleaning and easy to wipe clean.
  • They are a safe option for families with young children, as the heat source is housed within the ceramic fire box inside the base.
  • Temperature control is super precise – you simply adjust the air flow control on the lid & base of the egg.
  • Best of all, the eggs lock in plenty of moisture and produce food with superb flavour!

From Monday 5th July to Saturday 31st July, Macknade are running a great offer, where anyone purchasing a Big Green Egg from either their Faversham or Ashford stores, will also get a £50 Macknade voucher.  Perfect for spending on eggcessories, charcoal or delicious produce to cook on your new egg.

The box is for sale both online at Macknade and also in stores, you will not be disappointed. Personally I think my favourite was the Lamb (I am a fan of lamb anyways so no surprise there) everything is on another level, you can taste quality for sure. We did a little salad on the side and had some crisps from the shop as well that we got separately from the box and some drinks.

We are extremely grateful to work with wonderful companies like Macknade and thank them for this lovely BBQ box and for loaning us the Big Green Egg to try it out. Don’t forget their amazing offer!





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