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British at heart




You all know I am French right? haha the girl hesitant who thinks her followers don’t actually know her that well haha anyways I was born and raised in France and left when I was 18 and never looked back … I honestly love my home country and I do fell home sick sometimes trust me but I could not imagine myself anywhere else than in the UK … ok well maybe US and Canada because it’s been a life long dream but aside from that UK is my home and I somehow feels more British than French!

I have adopted the culture, the language, the food and the damn bloody humour haha kidding! Brexit or not Brexit I still remain a true European and England is my home …

So to you England, I love you and will forever be faithful to you …

xo S.

A massive thank you the to great Celtic and Co for this gorgeous British flag throw that I truly cherish and their oh so soft long sleeve top that has become a staple with denim, sometimes a loungewear and maybe also a pj haha no judging …