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Seasonal Celebrations

Doing it differently at Easter

Happy Monday everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend in the sun, we were incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful time. Hoping for the same weather on Easter weekend … well one can hope right?!

I have partnered with for a fun little Easter project, I was lucky enough to choose a few pieces I loved to decorate the house and also do a pretty table for a sweet little party.

As a child I spent every Easter with my family, eating good food and sharing happy memories while running around in the garden looking for eggs.

I knew I always wanted to spend this special time of year with my own family and this year I am ever so lucky to have our little boy with us … how is he already 2 months?

As an only child I always remember thinking that all the chocolate was for me and only me. As Liam is a little bit too young for an Easter egg hunt this year we are doing it differently (ie. I buy him chocolate, he stares at it thinking “you will be fat mama” and then I eat the chocolate, despite his opinion!



We usually jet off to a restaurant for celebrations like Easter but this year I thought let’s decorate the table and have a few people over instead. We opted for a table decorating set with plates and cups that we found on It’s so much easier and less stressful than having to run around the shops looking for the right products and the right colour. I went a little crazy as I am usually an all-white and neutral type of person but this year I chose to go colourful because it’s spring and it’s fun!



One of my all-time favourite tips for any occasion is to dress up! Lewis and I wore white and yes there may have been some bunny ears and yes I know I am 26 hahah. Liam however opted for a cute bunny look (white again), we found his onesie on HERE and it’s honestly my dream come true to have him share moments like these and make our own memories as a family of three.

It’s usually fun when you have a toddler to dress them up but as a baby it’s never an easy thing, so this soft and smart body was perfect for his age!

We also wanted to add a few new touches to our living room. We moved in a few months ago and as it’s our first house purchase it meant we wanted to get the home looking good. We usually buy everything from Ikea but this year we were able to choose small boutiques, independent owners and smart and creative British small business via You can find everything you want on their website and I have done most of my Christmas shopping there before. Why? Because it has it all – quick shipping, a great variety and personalised gifts which is a must for me (you are talking to the queen of personalisation who has her initials on her bathroom towels.)

We chose to add a white rug to match our white sofa and honestly, I had my eye on this one for a very long time. I’m so g lad I got it, the quality is amazing and we added a soft and sweet pillow (crazy pillow owners here). The owner was so sweet and I am so glad I found some new like-minded business ladies.




This Easter instead of buying a lot of bunny decorations that will end up in the bin or garage after Easter we opted for some mature decoration. I’m so glad we did as it makes things a bit more reasonable; spending less but getting more out of it.

We also got those cute spoons, you can find them HERE. They are a perfect addition to the dinner table when we have guests here and they were so impressed with them … instead of plastic cutlery for outside on Easter weekend we got our wooden cutlery out and they went down a treat.



Do things differently this Easter with Keep the main rooms neutral and chic instead of buying things you won’t use again, add a pop of colour on the table because it’s fun to make the little ones smile. If the weather is nice, take it outside and if not, then the bunny garland will do just right in the dining area.

Get everyone around the table for a quality sit down brunch so you can have more time the rest of the day to relax with your loved ones and share past memories. It’s not always about how much you spend, it’s how much you give to your guests by inviting them to a family gathering.



If the weather is not nice (hey it’s England) well it’s ok because has you covered. You can decorate the dining area in 5 minutes with their table kit.

My final tip for Easter is to think of others and the less fortunate, bake with your family and give those cute bunny cookies to the ones in need or the elderly who don’t have a family. Do things differently: Quality over Quantity oh and dress up … Hop Hop!

Happy Easter week everyone! May you and yours make memories!

xo S.

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