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Fall for them

Fall, outift, gifI am a sucker for fall, I love sweater and boots weather! This dress is a statement piece, it’s perfect for fall AND winter and navy goes with almost everything! I love every colours but navy has to be my favourite. If had to pick between black and navy when wearing simple work clothes or if I needed a classic look, navy would be the choice. Then it’s all about accessorising, you can wear the dress with heels or ballet flats but I think for fall boots are the best, especially knee high boots (on trend) Those ones are from Stuart Weitzman they are the 5050 and are a good investment! Put a cute gold necklace on wrap your softy scarf around grab your Chanel and you are ready to go!!

I am going to list a few alternatives to those products by the way as some of them will be out of our price range (yes I said ‘our’ like the Chanel for example …)

Dress: Esprit | Necklace: Julie Vos | Scarf: J Crew | Boots: Stuart Weitzman, nice alternative for under £40 | Handbag: Chanel, great alternative for under £50

I hope you are all having a good week