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Italian market

market -9 cherry life gives you lemon Arancinis pop over 2 pop over 04 pop over snails strawberries


I should not be writing this at lunch time I want to fly to Italy and eat everything on this market! You know how much I love England and how different it is from France but I miss my home for a lot of things, like the Wednesday and Saturday markets … things you take for granted when you are younger. I love to walk around markets and smell the fresh veg and fruits and hear those manly voices screaming the price of their products and what they have to offer. There is something that reminds me of my childhood in France and I have that feeling inside me of love for this country and guilt because I don’t go back to France as often as I would like to.

I wore this little shirt dress that I bought at J Crew last summer it’s a staple in my summer wardrobe, you can find plenty out there to be honest, I just have an insane passion/addiction for J Crew. I love to have a good market tote to wonder around the markets or just for a day trip at the beach, straw bags have multiple use in my life and I love to take them with me on holiday to just put everything I need own in it (ok I need a lot in one day, I usually get a few outfits in my bags to shoot in one day, I know dream life right?)

I chose this beautiful tote bag because of it’s colour theme, I love a good mix of my favourite colours in one piece. Camilla is the sweetest, she made me choose my colour (so many more on the website) she lives in-between Kenya (dying to visit her) and London, her and Holly are ever so creative and seem so passionate about their small business it’s so inspiring as a business woman myself. The Basket Room is a go to for your summer tote wether you are embarking on a summer trip around the world, going to the market with the family or just a colourful beach day! I am obsessed with mine but this and this one are also ever so perfect for this season. The bags are all sourced in Kenya and you can feel the quality and the love put into it, they have something that other bags don’t have. You can see it’s handmade too which I love and it has that lovely smell (try it).

As you might know I love my home to be fresh and white so I try not to add too many things that I can visually see (I am 1% OCD and I hate seeing so many things on the surface) I try to keep a little touch/pop of colour in each room and I love baskets they are so easy to hide my products so I don’t panic seeing them and also super practical to stay organised. I am totally going to buy those two for my home, here and here what do you think? This one and that one are also high on the list for good pops of colours!

Thank you so much to the wonderful ladies at The Basket Room for my cute little tote and for inspiring so many women to be powerful and successful.

xo S.