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Fancy Friday

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 How is it Friday already? no complaining I love weekends but the week flew by, I did not have many meetings and events so I thought I would have time to do a lot at home but for some reasons I got rather lazy! I however met with my lovely friend a few times Vikki she the writer behind Style and Minimalism if you are not following yet please do I love her style.

My style has changed to much over the last few years, when I arrive in London I realised british people don’t criticise and they let others wear whatever they want and you feel a lot more free to do as you please so I ended up buying everything I couldn’t buy in France not helpful my closet got insanely big and I cleared a lot of unnecessary things. I now have a more defined style but yet at 24 I am sometimes unsure if I prefer the feminine side of my style or the more casual denim and white shirt kinda thing. So I think I can say that I love both and I am both, I love to be ‘on my 31’ as we say in French meaning looking fancy and smart and I adore wearing destroyed denim and flats with a white shirt tucked in (oh and a black bra underneath the white shirt by the way)

Have you found your signature style? do you have more than one?

Have a fab weekend! love you all xo S.

J Crew shirt, Forever 21 skirt, Schutz from Shopbop heels, Ted Baker clutch ℅, J crew earrings, Astley Clarke black bracelet