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Paris en fleur


Last day in the Paris was filled with things to do! We (I said we but I really) packed the suitcases, is it just me or are we (women) just on earth to pack and clean and pack? Well anyway, WE packed our stuff and headed out the door early so we could spend some time at the Musée d’Orsay. The hubby had to pay for his entry, not me as I am under 26 and living in the EU (hahah the perks of being youngish) Lewis could not stop moaning as they took away his backpack … really a child who got punished! Anyhow we then wondered around, taking pictures where it was not allowed (please tell me I am not the only one here) I desperately tried to find the exact same place where Blair and Louis have first meet in Gossip Girl you know this one, well let’s just say either they have switched things up in there or it’s fake. She is standing in front of a classic Monet upstairs and he apparently is downstairs hahah. I still managed to get a reasonable Blair pose, if you missed it, here you go. We stopped for coffee and hot chocolate (€7 each, WHY hello Paris) Anyway I think we mainly paid for the view through this beautiful clock … We could see Montmartre and la Seine, my eyes went like that little emoji you know the one with the red hearts in his eyes … just like that

padlockshootAfter lunch with my gorgeous friend Sophie (Thai food made me feel like a slight bloated balloon) so we headed down to our destination by walk. We walked past the British Embassy where we used to stay when we came to Paris before! Waved and blowed kisses from the opposite side of the street naturally otherwise we would probably be dead by now (joke). We then headed to le Ponts des Arts where those padlocks have taken over, the bridge is indeed falling apart and broken in some parts (I am sure one more padlock and we all end up like that bridge in Harry Potter)


Little photo shoot in le Jardin du Luxembourg (by the way thanks to the Everygirl for regramming this) If you aren’t following them yet please do they will bring you joy everyday! So we walked through the garden and believe it or not but I felt like I fitted with the decor … you know flowers on flowers. This skirt is from Ted Baker and I adore it because it’s not too thin and keeps you rather warm! It’s more of a summery skirt but I thought for early Autumn it would fit perfectly, plus the weather in Paris was rather glorious (well I think I may have become British because I wasn’t cold but other French were) I love blush pink, I usually keep it for the summer but this year I have decided to incorporate it a lot more for the winter! You know a little blush skirt or dress with a cute pearl necklace and a gorgeous white coat like this (hint hint christmas present)


lux1Skirt: Ted Baker | Top: H&M | Shoes: Coach | Clutch: Zara | Necklace: J Crew

Happy weekend guys!