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Beach casual

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Howdy! (I am obsessed with Texas don’t ask) I hope you are well and had a fab weekend, we woke up really late both days I have not idea how though because it’s bright and sunny at 4.30 am everyday and I hate not having shutters in this country! We went for a stroll, did some shoots and played some golf and finally ended the weekend with dinner at our friend’s which was oh so delicious mix a Fench gal and her Italian lover and both with a great love for good food? see? you are there yet? imagine the food yum!

Summer has arrived this weekend (well on the calendar it rained so bad on Saturday I thought London was gonna become an island) anyway summer is here which means only one thing? dresses and beach … alright ok that’s two things but one concept right? wearing summer dresses at the beach! This one is from ASOS and was £20 so cheap (am I right or am I right?) I love how simple and summery it looks the off the shoulders are so popular this season and so sexy feminine.

I highly recommend it for this summer and for casual days by the beach

Sadly this dress is OOS so I have linked a loooot more underneath for you guys!