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Friday lunches







People often ask me if I eat a lot and what is my daily diet, I find it so hard to answer this question because let’s be honest I eat like a little pig, if you follow me on social media especially Snapchat you might see me eat all the time or eat badly.

Now I have barely ever touched vegetables but been making efforts for a year now, it’s healthy and it’s important. I don’t however stop myself from eating what I crave …

I know craving is more of a prego woman’s word but I have weird cravings all day every day and it’s been like that for years, I usually crave carbs don’t we all?

Do I look at my daily calories? no

Do I look at how much carbs I have a day? no

Do I count how many burgers I have a week? no

I am a big big fan of burger and fries and I am not gonna lie, it’s bad I know but the thing is that when I have that let’s say for lunch I will not be hungry for dinner … I have never in my entire life had 3 meals a day. I eat every 3 hours but in small quantity (ok the burger does not count as small quantity)

I love to prepare small lunches for the week, it usually involves avocado, radishes, eggs, quinoa and other little things I may find to spice it up (life is hard when you are so fussy) I have to have my meat at least 3-4 times a week I am a meat person or I am just being French. I try to have fish once or twice a week and then on the weekend we splurge …

Where do we splurge, so usually at home so either we make a big fat meal we love, order chinese (hmm have not done that in a while might call the hubs and ask him to pick some up){sorry thinking out loud again} or finally we eat out, we love big fancy restaurants as much as the next person but honestly casual weekends means casual food, our go to place has to be Chipotle, it’s amazing the feeling I get when I see the tacos filled with meat, brown rice, cheese and the nacho with guacamole … (I have goosepumps writing this) So either Chipotle, Five Guys or Shake Shack (if you ever look for me in London start by those places)

We made this quick and easy lunch last weekend running between shoots and home stuff and I wanted to share it with you.

. Home made Guacamole (nothing better in the entire world)

. Avocados

. Red Onions

. Lime

. Toast fille with cheese (o% fat cheddar) eggs and tuna.

. Homemade Quesadilla -filled with again Cheddar cheese and red peppers.

Quick and easy! 

See you next week and don’t forget to follow on Snap and social media you might find us at Chipotle again this weekend 😉

xo S.